Crazy Eyes Productions provides video production services for every step of your on-air or online video strategy. We begin with creative concepting, script writing, and talent selection, working collaboratively with our clients to ensure their goals are met. Then, our crew moves on to the video shoot, editing, post-production, and color correction. Motion graphics and animation are often added at this point, as well as sound and music editing services. Finally, we bring your project home with professional voiceover work, DVD production/authoring, online uploading, and social media integration.

Video Production

High-quality video production requires detail-oriented, efficient, and experienced professionals behind the scenes. Using only the best HD cameras and state-of-the-art equipment, Crazy Eyes Productions leaves clients at ease from production start to finish:

  • Creative planning placement

  • Video Editng and scripting

  • Talent selection and direction

  • Video shoots at any location, of any size

  • Professional lighting and sound services

Whether we’ve produced your video or you already have creative for us to work with, we have proficient editing capabilities to turn it into a masterpiece. Our post-production services include:

  • Storyline editing and consultation

  • Color correction

  • Music and sound effects

  • Video enhancement

  • Motion tracking

Animation and Motion Graphics

Crazy Eyes Productions has produced hours of seamless animation and eye-catching motion graphics for clients in a variety of industries. Our special effects services are award-winning and memorable:

  • Title sequences

  • Overlay graphics

  • Transition animations and graphics

  • Background design

  • Custom character and logo animations

  • Other special effects

Other Marketing Services

We regularly partner with some of the area’s finest agencies and professionals to offer clients the complete marketing package:

  • Online video strategy

  • Website development

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Social media strategy