Crazy Eyes Productions provides professional video production services to the Quad Cities area and beyond. Owned and operated by Justin Anderson for more than ten years in Davenport, Iowa, Crazy Eyes Productions’ award-winning creative work attracts attention while delivering results.

Anderson and his team of production assistants have extensive experience working in a variety of locales, not only across the country but also around the world. From San Francisco to St. Louis, Changzhou, China to Cardiff, Wales, they’re always up to the challenge of getting the perfect shot in the right location for the job. Crazy Eyes Productions also understands the intricacies associated with shooting in tough field locations and action settings, including zip-lining, kayaking, rappelling, wading water, caving, and more.

Crazy Eyes Productions received national notoriety in 2010 when History Channel aired the antique-collecting program “American Pickers.” Anderson and his team created the show’s first pitch in 2006, its full pilot in 2008, and 15 separate short videos leading up to its inclusion in History Channel’s lineup in 2010. Crazy Eyes Productions regularly worked with the show’s stars, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, throughout the show’s concepting, providing creative counsel, video production and editing, and motion graphics services.

current and past clients include

  • American Red Cross

  • Antique Archaeology

  • Artswork Leclaire

  • Bergstrom, Inc.

  • Bring Tim

  • Cities Insurance Group

  • Davenport Chamber of Commerce

  • Foresight Revolution

  • Gentleman’s Cooperative

  • High Profile Adventure Camp

  • MediaLink

  • Mel Foster Company

  • Mindfire Communications

  • Mississippi Regional Valley Blood Center

  • OnMedia

  • River Cities Reader

  • River Music Experience (RME)

  • Rock Island Arsenal

  • Salon and Spa Luce

  • S. J. Smith Company

  • The Ad Group (TAG)

  • U.S. Adventure RV

  • Victory Enterprises

  • WQAD